WIX Review

Wix: Advantages And Disadvantages


  • High-quality thematic templates;
  • Simplicity and variety of design customization tools;
  • A bunch of useful applications, such Wix Code, CRM, SEO wizard, as well as many others;
  • Convenient and user-friendly interface. It will take you no time to figure out how everything works;
  • App store with over two hundred widgets.
  • A huge knowledge base that helps to deal with the interface of the designer;
  • You can add your own HTML code;
  • A single online store control panel through which you can track orders, receive payments, as well as manage delivery;
  • Full site statistics. You can see the number of page views, traffic sources, position in search results, etc.;
  • Does not require site creation skills (very simple in use);
  • Integration with social networks;
  • Over 500 different templates that are suitable for different branches of business. They can be used by those who are far from design and do not quite know what exactly they want yet;
  • Enhanced visual editor. It allows you to move any elements, insert and delete information anywhere on the page and perform other actions;
  • Friendly technical support. Wix also has a lot of useful tips. FAQ that is ready to answer most of your questions is also presented
  • Mobile adaptation;
  • You can create an unlimited number of sites on one Wix account;
  • Function to copy the site with all the content.;
  • After the end of the tariff, your site will not be deleted.


  • A lot of advertising if you are using the free tariff;
  • Site’s code doesn’t have the best impact search engines and therefore has a negative effect on positions in the search results of sites on Wix;
  • If you think that by purchasing a premium plan, your costs will end there, this is not at all the case. You will most likely need some apps that will cost you additional money;
  • A noticeable amount of useless apps in App Market;
  • The visual editor is resource-intensive and can slow down the browser;
  • You won’t be able to change the template once the website goes live.

General Description

Wix is one of the leading online website builders, available in 11 languages. A distinctive feature of which is the availability of free tariff and low price premium plans. Control is carried out through Drag-and-Drop, making the interface easy and intuitive. The platform offers more than 500 various HTML5 templates that will help you quickly create a high-quality website on any subject. You can extend the functionality using the App Market applications or by inserting HTML code.

Designer capabilities range from creating single-page websites to professional online stores and landing pages. The platform is intended both for people who do not have special knowledge in site building, and for experienced users. Wix is the best solution for small and medium-sized businesses, individual entrepreneurs, freelancers, photographers, bloggers and journalists.

After registration, you can immediately begin to fill the site, photo gallery or media player by selecting the desired template. A lot of plug-ins and convenient content editing, many design options, as well as the choice of an individual domain and favicon will help to make the site unique. The platform’s functionality includes an anchor menu, creating pop-up windows and a parallax effect, viewing statistics, adding social networking buttons, and setting up delivery. To help its customers, Wix has its own YouTube channel that hosts dozens of educational videos.

Simplicity of Use

Wix is ​​probably one of the most innovative and easy-to-use website builders to use. Developers are constantly introducing advanced features and updated solutions to make the designer simple and interesting for their users. The designer uses a drag and drop editor that supports inline editing.

Wix is purely WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) site builder, which means that whatever you paste into the editor of the website will appear on the site after publication. At the beginning, the interface may seem a bit complicated, since you are provided with many different functions and tools with all possible parameters for customization. However, after about half an hour of training everything will really become pretty clear for you.

In general, despite the fact that Wix is not the most minimalistic site builder on the market, their tools are very extensive and useful. Besides, the help buttons in each element and support work very well. In order for the site to adapt to the users screen, try to not bring up elements beyond 980 pixels, which the width of the site page.

Most website designers only allow you to create static pages, but Wix allows you to make them interactive (for example, moving pages on the screen from one page to another with an offset), embed animation elements and anchor links. An interactive website is a definite advantage when it comes to impressing visitors and keeping them on the site longer.

The Wix control panel is logically divided into two areas: the control panel, where you can manage basic settings, including contacts, mailings, SEO, etc., as well as the editor itself, where you can actually create your site in WYSIWYG mode.

New strips automatically adjust to the width and make it easy to structure the site, dividing it into horizontal sections and making life much more easier. Wix allows you to choose from 9 preset parameters: services, customers, reviews, contacts, and so on.

The new editor provides the ability to use parallax scrolling – just go to the background settings and select the “Parallax” effect in the “Scroll Effect” section and go to the preview mode to see the effect in action.


The platform has a huge set of widgets for implementing various functionalities, and also allows you to additionally install applications from App Market (the same plugins, in fact). The only difference is that native applications are guaranteed not to spoil your site. Their range is huge. They can be used for marketing, working with SEO, customization of design, working with clients, and for many other purposes. Some of them are different in quality and degree of usefulness of the application, but they are all safe. This is an important and advantageous difference from some other website constructors.

Wix pampers its users with the best niche patterns. New ones are added regularly. Mobile and desktop versions of designs are edited separately, which will be liked by many. You can not change the design in the process of working on the site. It’s all about the diversity of the template structure. Editing design abounds in features. You can literally move every element on the page, correct its shape, appearance, or replace it. Wix sites look exactly the way their owners wish.

The proprietary Wix Corvid tool (Wix Code development) is available out of the box for working with databases and creating web applications in a visual editor environment. It has an advanced open platform for developing applications with individual design and functionality that can placed on the sites of the designer You can work with the code or use blanks and patterns of algorithms to achieve the necessary functionality.

Another great thing about Wix is that it is ​​well-tuned to create business sites. Ascend concept includes many ready-made applications aimed at improving the productivity of work in the virtual office of the entrepreneur. Interaction with clients (live chat, mail, messengers, CRM), marketing (mailings, banners, illustrations, promotions, advertising campaigns), convenient payment formats (billing, payment directly in chat correspondence, etc.), keeping statistics on all operations, shared workspaces, and more are set up and ready to go.

Also, Wix has a convenient approach to creating multilingual sites. The Multilingua application will allow you to add as many languages ​​as you like to the website and translate standard phrases of installed widgets / applications / templates in a convenient format, preparing localizations for all the necessary languages. The application itself will create copies of the sites, link them with a single interface for easy administration of each version. In the header of the site you will find a panel where you can switch the language. It can be done in just a few clicks.

In addition, Wix is ​​well optimized for page load speeds. The developers called this set of optimizations “Turbo”. This includes the use of CDN technology (download from the server geographically closest to the visitor), the use of the latest CSS versions in template layouts, optimized JavaScript processing and caching algorithms. All this significantly speeds up Wix sites, improves behavioral factors, reduces the percentage of failures and, in general, leads to an increase in conversion.

Out of the box, Wix provides much more features than any other website constructor. Besides, Wix’s belonging to the camp of site designers frees the user from the need to search and configure hosting, templates and plug-ins.

This system is perfect for beginners and developers of client sites. After all, it is a lot more convenient for the customer to get the site on a clear platform for further administration. It’s easier for you to issue a project, after working on which the client won’t bother with questions and requirements about modifications like changing the picture, adding a page, etc. Beauty, speed of creation and simplicity are what Wix can offer you.

Wix And Its Pricing

You can use the services of this website builder for free, but in this scenario you will not be able to connect a domain. It’s still very cool, because you will be able to test the website builder and see how much you like it before paying any money.

Premium statuses open up advanced features for Wix users. The Wix.com team guarantees that any site (including a free one), developed on the Wix platform, will be hosted on quality hosting. However, as it often happens, when a resource develops, its owner begins to want more and more. For example, the owner might not be satisfied that there are too many ads when opening the pages, or he has a desire to create a mobile version of the site. In this case, Wix offers to switch to one of the Premium rates, which, for a symbolic monthly fee, offer a lot of additional opportunities.

The site wix.com offers the following premium rate plans to choose from:

  • Basic (Connect Domain). The user gets 500 MB of disk space, the ability to connect their own domain and some other benefits. Among the main disadvantages of the Connect Domaine tariff, is the huge amount of advertising ads. You basically pay for this tariff plan to get a short and beautiful domain name;
  • Personal (Combo). Compared with the previous tariff, there is much more storage space allocated for data, that is 3 GB. You also have the opportunity to create a mobile version without the Wix logo. The bandwidth is also doubled here, so you will be able to get up to 2 GB;
  • Unlimited. This tariff is the best for freelancers and businessmen. In addition to the free domain and 10 GB of disk space for data storage, the user receives unlimited bandwidth and other useful features;
  • Maximum benefits are available to site owners who pay for an e-Commerce plan. You will need to buy this tariff if you are looking to create a shopping basket, so that visitors can order and buy several items at once. The information is stored on 20 GB of disk space. Also, with the e-Commerce tariff, it is easier to keep records of goods in the store and indicate additional characteristics on the goods, such as size, color, and so on.

The most optimal tariff(Combo) will cost you  $17 / month and will allow you to create any type of sites with comfort, except for the store. For creating trading platforms, you can purchase the cheapest ecommerce plan, also known as Business Basic provided for $23/ month

Wix prices are very reasonable, given the huge opportunities and the quality of their implementation. Besides, you have the chance to cut down the prices significantly. Wix developers regularity hold promotions. You can often find discounts up to 50%. It is just enough to subscribe to the Wix’s newsletter, and in less than a month you will receive a notification about the possibility of paying for any tariff plan with a discount. 


Taking into account the fact that this service positions itself as a universal website builder, which is able to realize the most courageous fantasies of users, it is expected that Wix provides a wide choice of templates for customers to choose from, which are a kind of business card service. 

For those who are constantly following the changes on Wix, you can regularly view the “New” tab. Here you will find the latest news from the designers that are working at Wix. Visitors who want to start developing the site from the scratch should use blank templates. With their help, you can create the desired site, without spending time and effort on the removal of images and labels selected by the previous designer. Among the most popular options for empty templates are:

  • From scratch;
  • Single Page;
  • Classical;
  • Minimalist;
  • Portfolio and many others.

But still, most users prefer to create sites based on ready-made layouts. Opening the proposed template, anyone can quickly lay down their ideas about the future site, and decide whether it will be convenient to continue working with it. Despite the wide variety of ready-made templates, it is easy to find a suitable option, since Wix.com has a convenient catalog navigation system.

In total there are 13 categories of templates, which themselves are divided into separate subcategories:

  • Business and services;
  • Music;
  • Entertainment;
  • Online store;
  • Blog;
  • Hotels and travel;
  • Restaurants and hotels;
  • Photos;
  • Art;
  • Design;
  • Fashion;
  • Single page;
  • Personal.

In turn, the category “Business and Services” is divided into the subcategories “A” cartoons and transportations “,” Home and Garden “,” Associations and foundations “,” Games and toys “,” Animals “and 12 more positions. Same goes for other categories.

Thus, the designer mainly focuses on people of creative professions. It will not be difficult for an artist, musician or designer to create his own website or portfolio using one of the templates presented.

Designers have done a really good job, as most of the proposed templates have excellent design, and a convenient classification, that allows you to quickly navigate and select the appropriate option. Another positive point is that all templates are available for free use and do not require a Premium account. This will be an additional advantage for users who are willing to put up with certain inconveniences of the free package for the opportunity not to spend extra money on creating the site and placing it on a paid hosting.

As mentioned in the review of the pros and cons of Wix above, one of the drawbacks of Wix templates is that once you select a template, you cannot change it back. So it’s better to check out a few templates before you begin to embed your own content (text and photos), and if you want to switch to another template later, you will have to re-insert your content.

Wix SEO optimization

Search engine optimization(SEO)  is the promotion of a site or a separate page in the issuance of search engines. As for out-of-page optimization, it really does not matter which site builder or CMS you use. The most important thing is how you can handle it yourself and how skilled you are. However, when it comes down to SEO pages, the platform allows you to implement it in the best way among other site designers. It isn’t easy to differ from others in this component. The best thing you can possibly do is create the necessary environment for working with SEO settings. In this regard, the developers of Wix have achieved fantastic results.

First of all, let’s talk about one tool that can be very helpful for inexperienced users. It’s called SEO Wiz. You can take a look at it in the “Management” section. You can set the best SEO parameters by following simple instructions. That way you can also be sure that you won’t miss anything important. This is just one of the hundreds apps. You can install anything you want, including apps for racking statistics and other various tools for capturing system functionality, such as applications for integration in the field of marketing and social networking, email settings, callbacks, pop-up windows, and online consultants buttons. All of them can help you out a lot.

Advanced users can do their own page optimization. You can manually edit the following SEO settings:

  • Page meta tags (such as title, description, etc.);
  • Alt attribute (it should have all of the images);
  • Headers (H1-H6 can improve readability and create optimized SEO content);
  • Anchor links (help to quickly find information of interest);
  • Redirection tools (301 redirection between domains, platforms and inside Wix);
  • You can add a site directly to Google Analytics system and use different analytic systems.

To ensure a good ranking of pages in a search engine, you should first fill out the site with unique thematic content. You won’t be able to avoid this with any other website builder, so it’s a must. You have to make lists of keywords for each of the pages and evenly distribute them across articles to avoid spam. Then you should fill out the tags for every page. You can do this in the appropriate menu category in the SEO section. It is difficult to get confuse, because each menu item contains tips, and you can additionally see what your site will look like in the search engine results. It is very easy to understand.

I would also like to mention the possibility of connecting the SSL protocol. The service is conditionally free, because to activate it, you must have one of the premium plans connected. The protocol is very relevant when creating online stores, because it protects the personal data of your customers and various financial transactions from scamming. In addition, you can increase your income by increasing search engine confidence. That being said, SSL-protocol is an integral part of SEO optimization.

All in all, Wix is very good in terms of SEO. They allow you to edit more advanced SEO settings than any other website builder, which speaks for itself. Another plus is that all of the configuration with it is very convenient. You can lay the foundation for the success of your project while enjoying an attractive system interface. Remember to add your site to the Google Search console after it is published. This will help you to speed up its indexing.

Customer Support

Wix is very convenient and user-friendly. Every editable element has a question mark on top of it. If you want to learn more information about the element then just click on it and read everything for yourself. This is very useful, since you don’t need to search the library of support articles, as appropriate help is just a click away. If you feel like you have a question that you can’t find an answer to, then you can always contact their Help Center or use the Forum. You can find many answers to asked questions that are contained there.

The help center will help you solve any problem: from choosing a template or setting up a domain name, to more complex functions, for example, when setting up a reservation or accepting online orders. It also has a search bar so you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for. Below the search bar are numerous categories that allow you to easily navigate to a specific topic that you may be interested in.

There are plenty of tips and tutorials, all of which are written in simple language. It will be very difficult to get lost.


Wix allows you to create a decent site with a memorable design within 30 minutes. It is truly a powerful tool for designing websites, and it rightfully occupies a leading position in its industry. This service is a real find for people who do not have any professional skills in the field of site-building and are not versed in the intricacies of modern web-technologies.