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Web Design tips for start up business

Most of the business are making their services accessible online, not just to provide service within their area but also worldwide. Web Development helps companies to market their business online and helps them establish credibility and to give people the impression that they are more successful.

Website development has helped a lot of business entrepreneurs and professionals to build their brands. Good web design is a must for a performing website, and to do that, we made a list of tips to start your website.

5 web design tips for a start-up business

  1. Design based on your brand

Always make sure to have a clear intent before considering the design. People who visit your site will most likely base the brand you are trying to tell them on the UI itself. Express what you are offering and make sure never to add things that will give them the wrong impression.

  1. Get a responsive website design

People now search on the internet through mobile and tablet so we should not limit the design only for laptops and desktops since screen sizes differ depending on the device you are using. The smaller the screen, the smaller the content are. Develop a design for every screen sizes and apply it in your website, that way your websites looks good in every screen.

  1. Create a user-friendly design

Prioritize usability, good looking designs are okay, but a good UX will help the people visiting your site to navigate your website easily. Create a general theme colour, font and vibe but always keep it clean and easy to understand.

You can experiment with just one to two colors or more. Do your research on what works a color you wanted, the fonts and the layout. Look on similar websites on how they create their designs, these will give you a better idea. Remember: Always keep you design simple but concise.

  1. Social Links

Include your social media links for credibility. Sometimes people look for authenticity or proof that you are good with the service you are offering. Your social media will show your visitor your previous works and people who visit your shop through social media reviews. The better your service, the more followers you gain on social media.

People share information and opinions on social media, making them use it frequently, the more accessible you are to them, the more clients you have.

  1. Website Optimization – Help your website “be discovered” on Search Engine Results Pages

SEO plays a vital role in helping your website gain exposure, and fully optimized sites have higher rankings on SERP. Other than that, a lot of businesses with the same service already ranked well on Google, that is why you need the best SEO person or an SEO agency to help you achieve your website’s goal.

There are still a lot of things to remember before starting up your website but making it with a proper strategy and planning will help you achieve the website you wanted. Contact a web developer to help you create a professional looking web design.